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Avoid Buying Fake Copper Peptides Dangerous

Tests of Copper Peptide Creams on Horses and Dogs

Informal experimental testing of copper peptide creams on horses and dogs gave excellent results in studies in 1994 to 1996. All animals were pets being treated by veterinarians for injuries or other necessary procedures. These were experiments only.

Horses Wounds and Operations

Reported Letter from horse owner

BeforeI wanted to write about copper peptide creams. My registered Morgan Gelding, Warrior, was seriously ill with an injury to his hip, stifle, and lower hind leg (was injected with common pig wormer, as an antidote for a cold). After being released from Kansas State University Vet Hospital, where he spent over two months, I used the CP cream to aid the healing process. I was told that the wound area would never completely heal and the Vet Hospital gave Warrior less than a 5 percent chance to live. Since Kansas State University Vet Hospital gave no specific home care instructions other than to keep the open sore clean, it was clear that in a horse stable environment, this would not be an easy task. I used the copper peptide cream two to three times daily to keep the healing process at a maximum.Warrior is completely healed with minimum scarring and the hair has grown back in an area I was told would need skin grafting. Copper peptides are the reason that Warrior will be able to compete a year later; I anticipate a World Championship or two out of him. The healing would not have occurred without copper peptides after.gif - 46.8 K and the fine staff at Kansas State University. I have requested photos showing the injury and the procedure used at Kansas State. I will also keep you updated on Warrior and his future Show Career ventures.... I am a real supporter.
Thanks again for all of your support.


L. S.


Reported Letter from horse owner

Dear Sirs,

Just a short note to let you know the results I had when I used copper peptide cream product on my horses. One of my warm bloods slipped while getting out of the trailer and fell onto gravel. In his struggle to get up, he tore open the skin where he was in contact with the gravel. I was very worried about the wounds healing and the scarring as he is a valuable dressage horse. I put on the cream and hoped for the best. I was amazed! Not only did the wounds heal faster than I have ever seen, but there was almost no scarring and no proud flesh. I will continue to use it on all my horses and recommend it to all horse owners. I showed the healing to my vet and he was very impressed at the results of using the product... I know it will be successful, because it works!


C. S.

Reported Letter from horse owner

Dear sirs,

Per our recent conversations, I have been able to gather the following information, relevant to the copper peptide cream. Animal: StarKiss
Wound: A deep cut to the Stifel (leg portion) above the hoof. After cleaning, applied the copper peptide cream for 2-3 days and immediately noticed that the healing process was more rapid than usual. The wound "healed faster than any other application ever used". It "doesn't seem to scar and the hair grows back in the natural form, as opposed to other like injuries in which the healing process is slower and scarring without natural hair growth takes place".
Animal: Kapalua
Wound: Several superficial cuts and scrapes. Have applied copper peptide cream after cleaning in the manner prescribed. All wounds have healed in a very rapid manner in comparison to any other salve or treatment ever used. We again noticed that none if any scarring or proud flesh resulted and the wound after healing is unnoticeable.

J. S.


Here is a listing of our experience using copper peptide creams on dogs and horses. We have used this cream on 12 horses after "stripping" operations in 1994 and 1995. (These operations are performed on young horses where leg deformities would cause permanent crippling of the animal). We have used it after suturing and stapling each approximate 2 inch vertical incision done on 12 different horses on 19 limbs. Age of horses was 6 weeks to 23 months. Each limb was pressure bandaged after application for 3-4 days. Normally, in the horse we do not remove sutures or staples until 3 to 10 days after surgery. After using the cream, we removed them at 8 days on the first horse and after complete first intention healing, we started removing sutures at 6 days with the same results. Our ability to remove sutures 2 to 3 days earlier showed me very clearly that copper peptides do indeed greatly speed up skin healing time. We have also used this cream after wound suturing in 9 skin lacerations in 9 different horses from ages 4 weeks to 16 years. These were all lower leg wounds which are very difficult to heal in the horse. We got first intention healing on 7 legs which is about double the normal healing we get from these types of wounds. Dog sterilizing operations I spayed 39 female dogs over this period and was able to remove the sutures in 6 days on 34 of them. This was one day sooner than normal and we were able to return them to their owners a day early.


D. E. , D.V.M.

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